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A Time of War 

The Inevitable Conflict Between the Church of Today and the Church of Tomorrow

The Future Starts Now. According to one song, “today is only yesterday’s tomorrow”—which means that tomorrow starts today! But we aren’t going to see our future by looking at the past. Yes, we need to celebrate and honor what has brought us to where we are. However, it will not be enough to get is to what God has in store. We need to let go of the old to receive the new. God’s people have been here before—when the kingship of Israel passed from Saul to David. The Bible notes there was “a long war” between their two houses. Between how things used to be, and how God really intended them to be. Between what God worked with and what He really wanted. We are there again, on the edge of a new thing that God wants to do in the earth. Sometimes, conflict is unavoidable. The only question is, which side will you be on? In A Time of War, you will see the lines drawn between what was and what is to come, and discover how you can be part of the exciting future God has in mind.

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Uncovering New Paradigms

Why live like an artificial when you were designed to be an original? That's the theme international ministry leader and innovative entrepreneur Martijn van Tilborgh unpacks as he delivers this no-compromise challenge for us to become unboxed. His premise? God is waiting to empower you to shed the shackles of longstanding personal limitations so you can become an authentic change-agent for Him in this world. The problem is, most of us are artificial by choice. We approach life as if we're trying to become the best mediocre version of ourselves that we can be! We "package" ourselves neatly into boxes that define who we think we are. This prophetic call for personal change bids you first to accept the biblical truth about who God says you are, then to think bigger, take action, destroy your box, and create life changes that empower you to live every day unboxed. You don't have to settle for being an artificial when you're been created authentic by design! Answer the call, accept the invitation, embrace the challenge, and live Unboxed!

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How To Turn Your Message Into Impact

You have a message that needs to be heard. What if I told you that if you apply a few simple strategies, that message will reach more people, more effectively? People consume content in a multitude of ways. The tragedy is that Christian leaders have defaulted to either a preached message or a book. It’s time to move past this simplistic model—it’s time to innovate the way we package our message and bring it to market. The principles and strategies in this book have helped me to personally generate millions in revenue, build massive niche databases, make hundreds of thousands off of an idea that wasn’t yet an actual product, and so much more! This is not an illusion. These concepts and skills are real! Let’s open our minds, and jump in to what God has next for us.

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Rivers from Eden

Establishing the Apostolic Mindset

It is God’s desire for His people to be fruitful and to have dominion over the earth. This desire is first revealed in the natural location God positioned mankind at creation. The geographic location and setup of the Garden of Eden sends out the clear message of God’s destiny and purpose for mankind. The Bible teaches us that a river went out of Eden and that from there it parted and became four river heads. This is a powerful picture of the apostolic mandate, already revealed in the book of Genesis. The river flowing from Eden caused the water to go toward the four corners of the earth. The water of the river wasn’t contained within the borders of Eden, but flowed out into the whole world. God’s glory, anointing and authority is with His Church, but it can’t just stay there. It has to go out!

This book will reform your mind and prepare you for a manifestation of God’s presence in the nations of the earth. It will help bring an understanding of the current move of God as well as the spiritual seasons we are part of. It will challenge your mindsets, routines and christian experience as a whole. Are you ready to
participate in the greatest move of God ever seen on the face of the earth? Get ready!

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The War on the Male Child

Throughout the history of mankind, there has been war on the male child. From the beginning of the Old Testament we already experienced that Pharaoh wanted to kill the male child. We saw Herod in the New Testament engaging in that same tactic to destroy all male children in his time. Even in the book of Revelation we see the dragon wanting to devour the male child that the woman is giving birth to.

Why does the enemy target the innocence of a little boy through a battle which appears to be one of his major strategies to keep God’s people in bondage? It’s because the male child prophetically represents 8 attributes of God’s people needed to become a victorious army. This message reveals the “why” of the battle and shows that when won, this battle will bring God’s church to victory.

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Chronicles of Reformation: Awaken the Church 

Someone once said: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!” As Christians we tend to simply do what we’ve always done. In general we don’t like “change”. The values and doctrines that we’ve been taught by our religious, and often denominational upbringing are rooted deep in our subconscious selves and therefore often determine the way we live our lives.

Paradigms that we have been indoctrinated with during our spiritual upbringing have largely determined our behavioral patterns. Yet the accomplishments of the Church have been largely mediocre. It’s God’s desire to see that change and unleash a powerful people in the earth that will manifest His Kingdom.

Chronicles of Reformation is a series of articles written over a period of time as the Spirit prompted me to write, that will challenge and change our mindsets and ultimately position us to bring forth positive change and extraordinary results.

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